Board Member

Graduated from METU Civil Engineering Department in 1998, Kayrıl Karabeyoğlu completed his postgraduate studies doing a double major between years 1998-2001 at New York Lubin School of Business on Finance and Information Systems. Mr. Karabeyoğlu launched his professional career at Standard and Poor’s New York Office between years 2001-2004, and continued his professional life at Project Financing Department of Garanti Bank between years 2004 to 2006. Kayrıl Karabeyoğlu acted as Director at SU Private Equity Management between years 2006-2010 and then appointed as Turkey Country Manager at Advent International between years 2010-2013. Then appointed as the CEO at Doğuş SK Venture Capital Trust between years 2013-2018, Karabeyoğlu further assumed the position of Executive Board Membership at Radore Data Center and Advisory Committee Membership at Endeavor. Karabeyoğlu also authored three articles entitled “LBO and Credit Risk – relationship between LBO transaction sizes and credit performances”, “Leverage and Dividend – Balance sheet structuring strategies of private capital funds”, and “the credit quality of the portfolios of the derivate market players” that were published at international publications.

 As of 2018, he is appointed as the CEO at Akfen Renewable Energy.