Message of the President

The energy sector in Turkey has been one of top three the leading sectors that ensured significant growth. Within this framework Renewable Energy and especially wind energy has shown the most substantial growth.

As employees of this sector, we have erected 3.285 turbines in many parts of the country, and we have achieved 8.056 MW installed power from 198 plants. Investors, financiers, transporters carrying turbines to the top of the mountain at an altitude of 1500 m, turbine companies developing technologies that will work non-stop at this altitude and their local suppliers, companies going to field and establishing measurement mast 3-5 years before the investment is even made, consultant who analyzed and prepared the report, banker who examined this report, underwriter that insures banker’s funding, tower manufacturer, generator manufacturer, glass fiber producer, carbon fiber producer, constructer, disassembler and installer, civil servant who accepts the project, technicians, engineers, drivers, chefs that prepares meals in the dust of the construction site; in short, with thousands of local and foreign people we planted turbines at Afyon’s Dinar, Mersin’s Mut, Hatay’s mountain and Tokat in cold winter. We believe that every turbine planted is a signature that says ‘We did good things for this country’ to our children and we were proud to do all this.

We saw wind energy as a “country matter” and did our job with such delicacy. However, our jobs haven’t been finished as it’s an everlasting one.

We can take this sector, which has come this far from scratch, further by joining our forces and moving towards the same goal. To overcome the challenges we face, we need to our knowledge and act more organized. Everyone who contributes to this sector should gather under the roof of the Turkish Wind Energy Association, which is the sole association of the sector. We would like to invite businesspersons who is working in this field to be an active member of TUREB.

We can turn the second chapter in wind sector into an even brighter success story then the first one. May the power from our collaboration get stronger for our children, our country and our world…

Turkish Wind Energy Association